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❓ Open Request FreeStyle : Flying Dunk (i share some codes) v2.3.0 Mod



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Sep 26, 2018
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  • name of method that I can share .

    - Assembly-Csharp.dll -> StreetBall -> Player (class)
    - BlockDunkShooterDropdown(bool) -> return it true
    -BlockLayupShooterDropdown(bool) -> return it true
    -StealResult(int) -> return 0 -> always steal and catch / return 1 -> hit the ball enemy team will lose the ball control / return 2 -> steal failed
    - DunkResult(bool) -> dunk success or not . return it True
    - ReboundResult -> return True for always rebound faster then enemy
    - BlockDistance -> Player's Block Range
    -MoveDashCD -> Dash skill cooldown
    -MoveDashDuration -> duration time for dash state
    - ReboundRadius -> Player's ReboundRadius Range
    -SpeedDefence -> Player's move speed when Defence mode
    ->speedDribble -> Player's dribble speed when having the ball
    ->SpeedGuard -> Player's move speed when 'Guard' mode
    ->SpeedMoveDash -> player's Dash speed in Dash mode

and many more
if your team successfully mod this game, i will find more codes and share for you.

If you see a game update, that we do not have the ability to update, please send us the latest Apk package in Ksu profile, thanks!

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