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Simultaneous Use Of VPN For Server Selection And Hosts Blocking

How many people, outside of South-East Asia, are able to play the Call of Duty Garena 1.6.8 mod?

  • Yes, I am! And my phone is rooted. And I didn't encounter any instant ban.

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  • Yes I did! And my phone is rooted. But I got banned soon.

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  • No, I am unable to even get the game to start

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  • I don't see my option listed.

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New member
Nov 5, 2019
Moto E³ Power (taido_row) XT1706
6.0 Marshmallow Stock rom
Hey there guys! I need your help, please! If you can guide me on "How to use a VPN for both the purposes [(connecting to server of other country) and (connecting to a hosts file to block some ip addresses)] simultaneously?", it would be of much help. I need to do this in order to play call of duty garena mod on this website. I am an Indian and thus need to connect to a server of a South-East Asian country (via a VPN) in order to play the game (otherwise the game shows a message of it's unavailability in my country). Meanwhile, I also need to connect to a virtual VPN, to select a Hosts file in order to block those I.P adresses, to avoid the instant ban. However, since we cannot connect to multiple VPN's at the same time, I am unable to play the game either way! I cannot root my phone to modify the Hosts file (my phone doesn't support root, not does it own an official custom recovery) and nor can I go for the VIP global mod, so this is the only option left. So, please help me here!

If you see a game update, that we do not have the ability to update, please send us the latest Apk package in SpiderHollandx profile, thanks!